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"She'll Lie"

You think she's a dream with stars in her eyes

Have something for you some special surprise

Ask for a drink then play with her hair

Invite you outside for a private affair


Then she'll lie, look straight in you're eyes

And she'll lie, tell you she loves you and lie

She wants you're body she'll cry then she'll sigh

and you'll fall for her line

Now by the next morning you'll be a lost soul

she's wearing a thong and she says time to go

She'll say it was fun man, wow you were great

she'll screw with you're head and then seal your fate


It's a crime

Now take my advice don't give her no chance

Two can tango with her twisted dance

Signal her over stare straight thru her eyes

Tell her you love her she'll be mesmerized

Whisper you love her kiss her right there

Take her home and lead her upstairs

And lie, look straight in her eyes

And you'll lie, you'll tell her you love her you'll lie

You want her body you'll cry and then sigh ahhh

And you'll lie, you want her madly you'll lie

You'll promise you need her for life, you want her badly and cry

You need her tonight need her tonight lie, lie, cry, lie, lie

"Light  In  My Head"

There's a  light  inside  my  head  glowing  bright  tonight

Casting  shadows  on  the  scars  that  they  left  behind

And  I  tell  myself  and  I  hold  on  tight

That  the  pain  will  go  away  when  they  turn  off

Turn  off  the  light  now


Turn  the  light  out   now

Someone  turn  it  out

For  the  dark  I  wait

To  take   me  from  this  place

In  a  room  that's  cold  chained  by  myself

They  watch  from   mirrors,  I  see  myself

As  the  Angels  wait  and  the  Devil  begs

I'll take  my  chances  with  their   mistakes


Now the  journey  starts  with  demerol

Thru  corridors  where  they  talk  to  walls

Past  zombies  who   mumble  to  themselves

Familiar  words  I  said   myself

Thru  the  double  doors  back  to  the  O.R..

They  peel  away  the  scalp  and  cut  into  the  skull

Then  pry  apart  I   feel  the  crack  rattle  through  my  bones

Then  morphine  is  supplied

The  pain  subsides

Suction  is  applied

I  close  my  eyes

Before  the  light  turns  red

Don't  let  me  wake  up  dead

With  their  tools  they  pry

They  search  but  they  won’t find

 My secrets safe inside

Buried  deep  inside  my  mind


Turn  the light  out   now

Song Lyrics for our “Drawing Blood” CD

(as recorded by the 5th Avenue Vampires)

"Cravin' a Drink"

Cravin'  a  drink  starved  for  a  bite

Dreams  of  disorder  awake  through  the  night

I've  got  until  day  no  time  shall  I  waste

Silently  searching  the  night

For  your  taste

Can  you  feel  my  eyes  like  holes in  the  cold

Doorways  to  darkness  so  tortured  so old

Dry  blood on  my  lips  and  when  there's  no  light

One  little  whimper  I'll  find  you


I'll  muffle  your  screams  they'll  fall  on  deaf  ears

I'll sink  my  fangs  and  numb  all  your  fears

You'll  rise  from  your  bed  your  eyes  will  meet  mine

Forever  you'll  have  the  gift

Of  all  time

Forever  we'll  hunt  never  see  light

Together  in   darkness  no  end  in  sight

Ha  ha! I  love  what  I  do

I  love  to  bite  everyone  especially


"Vampires of  5th  Avenue"

New  York  City  dead  of  night

Out  in  the  dark  got  an  appetite

Comb  the  streets  to  stay  alive

On  the  avenue  number  five

Locked  up  tight  at  Cartier

Reflections  don't  show  in  their  window  display

Think  we're  sleeping  safely  away

But  they  ain't  safe  till  the  break  of  day


On  the  prowl  on  the  avenue

Sneakin  around  looking  for  you

Howling  loud  at  the  blood red  moon

Vampires  of  5th  Avenue

See us  coming  better  run

We're  taking   down  victims  one  by  one

Pray  for  a  saviour  pray  for  the  sun

A  silver  bullet  and  a  steady  gun

Forever  we'll  dwell  in  evil  delight

Toasting  a  drink  taking  a  bite

Timeless  passions  erotic  dreams

Can  all  be yours  but  don't  dare  scream



"Fear  Me"

Fear  me   fear  me

Let  the  children  cry

Fear  me  let  their  heroes  die

Monsters  haunt  their  dreams

Wide  awake  they'll  scream

Brainwashed  and  sleep  depraved

Ticking  time  bombs  can't  be  saved

Sleep tonight  is  what  they  crave

Restless nights creep  by

With their  open  eyes

In the  dark  they  wait  for  me  for  me

Fear  me  now   fear  me

As  the  children  grow  fear   me

And  off  to  war  they  go   fear   me

To  fight  the  demons of  their  fathers  they  will  never  know

Destroy their  lives,  beliefs,  their  truths  and  let  their  hatred  grow

And they're  taught  to  play their  parts

With  cold  and  deadened  hearts

Like  everyone  before

Filled  with  lies and  wanting   more

And  they're  calling out  for  me   fear  me

I  laugh  you  fall

Like  soldiers in  a  row

My  madness  your  sorrow  is  the  only  thing  you  know

Keep  asking  keep  begging

For  the  secret  of  your  pain

You're  in  the  Devil's  game

You  bomb  you  kill  you  maim

It's  all  you'll  ever  see

By  clinging  on to  me

You're  caught  up  in  my  curse

See you  below the  earth

You're  all  I  want  to  be

Let  them   fear  me

Fear  me   fear  me

In  the  end  you'll  cry   fear   me

While  the  children  die   fear  me

Their  tortured  souls  wait  for  all  eternity

To  check  into  these  gates  it  is  their  destiny

You  think  you  know  my  name

Tonight  you'll  live  in  shame

Only  ever  knowing   me

Chained   away  from  being  free

And  yet  you  curse  me  so

When  will  you  ever  know

Until  you're  crying  out  for  me

You  are   me

Fear  me  now

"Pleasure and Pain"

Get out  of  here  stay out  of  my  life

So  I  can  close  my  eyes  and  I  can  sleep  again

I  try  to  breathe  but  I'm  out  of  breath

Whenever  you  are  here I think I'll  never  breathe  again

There  you  are  life  in  my  hands  crying  no  more

It  happened  again  but  never  again

Somewhere  between  truth  and  lies

Everywhere that I  hear  your  cries

Out  there

In  our   many  battles  that  sometimes  go all night

I  don't  care what  you're  thinking  I  don't  care  if  you're  right

But in  our darkest  moments in your  loudest cries

Someone's  gonna  live  and  someone  has  got  to  die


There  you are  life in  my  hands crying  no  more

It  happened  again  but  never  again

Somewhere  between  truth  and  lies

Everywhere  that  I  hear  your  cries

Out  there  between  life  and  death

Nowhere  your  life  is  spent

Here  between  pleasure  and  pain

Where  we'll  meet  again

Between  pleasure  and  pain

Now the  pain  sets in blood runs  down  my chin

You  cry  while  I  grin


"Hell O Insanity"

A  train  I  didn't  see

A  gun  I  didn't  hear

The  oceans  undertow  no  warning  from  below

Little  voices  in  my  brain

Shouting  out  profanity

People  I  don't  know  but  I  gotta  say  hello


Hell  O  Insanity

Hell  O  Insanity

Hell  O  Insanity


Scary  days  and  tortured  nights

Burning  up  my  world  of  dreams

Wide  awake  a  deadly  stare  madness  everywhere

Everybody's  laughing  loud

Echoing   inside  my  skull

Crazy things  all  too  clear  that  no  one  else will  hear


Take  a  look  inside  my  head

Come  on  in  sit  right  down

Feel  at  home  no  need  to  go  welcome  to  the  show

Pick  a  number  you  may  win

You're  the  star  of  the  day

Such a wild  and  crazy  theme  everybody  scream


"Dream  Police"

(Written  by Rick  Nielsen)

The  dream  police  the  dream  police the  dream  police

You  know  that  talk  is  cheap  and  rumors  ain't  nice

And  when  I  fall  asleep  I  don't  think  I'll  survive

The  night  the  night

'Cause  they're  waiting  for  me  looking  for  me

Every  single  night  (they're)  driving  me  insane

Those  men  inside  my  brain


The  dream  police  they  live  inside  of  my  head

The  dream  police  they  come  to  me  in  my  bed

The  dream  police  they're  coming  to  arrest  me   Oh  no

Well  I  don't  tell  lies  'cause  they're  listening  to  me

And  when  I   fall  asleep  bet  they're  spying   on  me

Tonight  tonight  cause  they're  waiting  for  me

Looking  for  me  every  single  night

(They're)  driving  me  insane  those  men  inside  my  brain

I  try  to  sleep  they're  wide  awake

They  won't  let  me  alone

They  don't   get  paid  vacations  or   let  me  alone

They  spy  on  me  I  try  to  hide  they  won't  let  me   alone

They  persecute  me  they're  judge  and  jury  all  in  one

'Cause  they're  waiting  for  me  looking  for  me

Every  single  night  (they're)  driving  me  insane

Those  men  inside  my  brain


"Broken Ways"

Now  that  I  got

Your  attention

No  time  to  lose

Before  the  day

No  need  to  fight  it

Just  let  me  bite it

My  fresh  new  prey


You'll  lose  your  soul

From  broken  ways

Eternal  worlds

From  broken  ways

No  need  to  fight

My  seduction

I  got  your  hand

Fly  away

We  shall  infect  them

With  my  condition

And  my  decay



"Psycho  Sexual"

Black  vinyl  is  her  style  of  choice

So  shiny  so  tight

She  has   made  her  moves  a  thousand  times before

Now  she   dominates  the  night

She  likes to play rough

She is a  porno  star

People  swear  that  she  used  to be a boy

In  a  cub  scout  troop

Went  to  Sweden  got  a  new  toy

And  now  she'll  throw  you  for  a  loop

The  men  all  know  her

Come  from near and  far

She  likes to play tough

She  is  a  porno  star

Psycho sexual  she  likes  to  play

Psycho sexual  she'll  go  all  the  way

Psycho sexual  she  likes  to  play

Psycho sexual  she'll  go  all  the  way

Psycho sexual  that's  what  you  are

Psycho sexual  you  are  my  porno  star